The Alibi Tent

Somewhere between The Mundane... and the Mysterious


Origin: late 17th century (as an adverb in the sense ‘elsewhere’): from Latin, ‘elsewhere’. The noun use dates from the late 18th century.


Elsewhere is where we live and where we travel. Through the gloom and between the moments, we visit places, people and, occasionally, things. We listen to their dreams, their desires and we keep their secrets. And, yes…sometimes we are their excuse. 

Somewhere between...
             The Mundane and the  Mysterious...
             The Privileged and the Primitive...
             The Divine and the Damned  

                                            The Alibi Tent


Blessing Multi-Element Spellworking

Blessing Multi-Element Spellworking
Blessing Multi-Element Spellworking

Blessing Multi-Element Spellworking

from 325.00

Employ this spell when you want bring positive and protective energy to your home, car or work environment.

Candles, herbs, spiritual oils, and various elemental magick components will be used in this Spellworking.

You will receive a picture by email of both the beginning and completion of the Spellworking and it’s remains.

*IF YOU OPT TO ORDER SPELL TALISMAN, you will be sent by mail an elemental talisman that was used in your Spellworking to carry with you or for use on your home altar.

***IF YOU OPTED TO ORDER THE SPELL REMNANTS INTERPRETATION , you will receive a post-spell video in which you will be given interpretation of spell remains and suggestions to help reach your goals.***

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