The Alibi Tent

Somewhere between The Mundane... and the Mysterious


Origin: late 17th century (as an adverb in the sense ‘elsewhere’): from Latin, ‘elsewhere’. The noun use dates from the late 18th century.


Elsewhere is where we live and where we travel. Through the gloom and between the moments, we visit places, people and, occasionally, things. We listen to their dreams, their desires and we keep their secrets. And, yes…sometimes we are their excuse. 

Somewhere between...
             The Mundane and the  Mysterious...
             The Privileged and the Primitive...
             The Divine and the Damned  

                                            The Alibi Tent


Relationship Perspective

Relationship Perspective Reading
Relationship Perspective Reading

Relationship Perspective


Every relationship is unique and has special needs.

Work, school and family responsibilities can be sources of stress that put most romantic relationships in states of flux. Additionally, each person in the relationship goes through their own personal changes as they meet their challenges, grow and change as a result.

Relationship Perspective is an excellent way to learn about and strengthen you and your partner's relationship goals.

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